Development news

We have been working hard on a new Content Management System, which is very similar to our core software product, developed for primary schools, but with a few extra twists.

We have extended the calendar function, which is now more powerful and allows the upload and download of information and we have created a central photo repository. Never again will you say “Where did I put those sports day photos?……I know they are in this website…….somewhere!”

We have also looked at a Content Distribution Network – website files are located in different geographical locations around the globe and this helps speed up website performance. Someone accessing a website in Mexico City would see data from a location close to Mexico City and visitor in Berlin, Germany would see the same website data on a server located in mainland Europe, Why have we done this you might ask? In an international market place giving potential customers fast access to your website, especially if you are an independent school, is vital.

There is one other area that we have looked at as part of the project. File Compression Mechanism. Rather than using the standard way of supplying website files one-by-one – one simultaneous connection is made, which reduces the time a page takes to load, helping to improve a visitors viewing experience.

When it comes to testing, our software is unit tested using computational procedures. Open source systems are mainly fixed when bugs are discovered by a user and addressed when a new patch or update is released and this gives our new software an advantage over alternative solutions. The final part of the project was to look at responsive design – Responsive Design implementation allows a school website design to be viewed on different devices including mobile phone and tablet and we have allowed for this in the new design and content management system.