Guidance for School Staff – Highly Commended by BMA

A guide designed and printed by eecreative has been Highly Commended by the British Medical Association (BMA) as part of the Patient Information Awards.

Returning to School after encephalitis: Guidance for School Staff (2017)

The British Medical Association wrote:

“I thought this resource packed a lot of information into a small space without being text-heavy or dry. The form at the back, where family and teacher can summarise important features of a child’s needs, is very nice. I can see that many teachers, even when pressed for time or with limited contact time with a child returning to school after encephalitis, would manage a quick read of this summary and would then be able to refer it to or to additional sources when further information is needed. The acute medical community focuses (not inappropriately) on treating the acute, life-threatening phase of encephalitis and this resource is a reminder, that, even with successful ‘cure’, the after-effects can be significant and lifelong. I would hope that this resource makes a less of a mystery of how staff at school can support the next crucial steps of a child’s recovery after their discharge from hospital”